About us

Dedicated to Public Alerting

Having provided Public Alerting support for several years nationally, using a general dynamic content platform, we have decided to take a bold step forward. Our next move is to establish a large-scale dedicated platform and service to support Public Alerting efforts worldwide.

At AlertFeed.com, our mission is to ensure that public alert messages effectively reach their intended audience, both online and in the public space. It is our believe that Public Alerting, if done right, enhances community resilience in emergency situations, anytime and anywhere.

Taking a moment to recognize the significance of Public Alerting for all individuals it concerns, it becomes apparent that Public Alerting deserves proper execution.

However, Public Alerting is far from easy. Over the years, we have grappled with the complexities of getting it right — from the ad-hoc nature of alerts to coordinating various Alerting systems across a range of distribution channels and involving multiple parties. Keeping Public Alerting services operational on a 24x7 basis remains a significant challenge.

Effective Public Alerting requires a platform and a service that eliminates technical and operational hurdles, and establishes seamless collaboration between all Public Alerting parties.

The ambition at AlertFeed.com is to deliver exactly that service!

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