Frequently asked questions

Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below:

Is AlertFeed available in your country?

As of January 2023, AlertFeed is available worldwide. In countries where AlertFeed is not yet in active use, it will be automatically started the moment the first parties register themselves.

Can AlertFeed connect to Digital Signage platform xyz?

AlertFeed supports all CMS systems that comply with HTML5 standards. supports the use of user generated HTML5 templates if required.

What experience does AlertFeed have in the field of Public Alerting? boasts years of experience in Public Alerting on major Digital Out-Of-Home networks in the Netherlands and Germany. We are now expanding our reach to other countries worldwide.

Can we help grow?

Join us in advancing! Collaboration and open communication are pivotal to the success of Public Alerting. Share your ideas, and help us identify new Alert Providers and Alert Publishers. Contact us through our contact form or schedule a meeting. Let's make work!

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