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Introduction for Alert Providers is a Public Alerting platform that helps Alert Providers to efficiently reach multiple Alert Publishers at once.

Alert Providers connect to and start providing their alert messages to Alert Publishers connect to and select the alert messages they support and start publishing them. acts as a middleware, where parties connect once and communicate with many.

The core function of is to aggregate alert message from multiple Alert Providers into custom alert feeds tailored to the needs of each Alert Publisher.

Key aspects for AlertProviders

Key aspects for Alert Providers are:

  • Alert Providers connect once with to deliver alert messages to
  • Through, Alert Providers reach all connected Alert Publishers in the region.
  • Alert Providers have acces to the portal for management, monitoring and reporting tasks.
  • Alert Providers can configure alert types and various settings to control how and where the alert messages are distributed.
  • Alert Providers can (dis)approve different Alert Publishers for distributing / displaying their alert messages.
  • Alert Providers are provided with performance reporting per alert message.
  • Pricing is based on a fair pay-per-usage policy.

Get started

To setup AlertFeed, follow these steps:

  • 1. Create an Alert Provider organisation and Primary User Account on
  • 2. Connect with the Alert Provider API to deliver alert messages.
  • 3. Select a regional test network for testing the distribution of the alert messages.
  • 4. Invite Alert Publishers to distribute the alert messages.

Creating an account on can be done by registering your organisation and primary user. The signup page for Alert Providers can be found here.

After the Alert Provider organization is registered, the subsequent steps can be undertaken, as documented in the portal.

You can always get in contact with for custom integrations or to discuss any questions.

FAQ for Alert Providers

1. How can can Alert Providers deliver alert messages to provides an Alert Provider API which can be used to integrate with. Once this integration is done, alert messages can be delivered to The interface documentation can be found in the portal.

2. What type of Alert Providers are supported? supports Alert Providers that are recognized as authentic Public Alerting organisations, which provide public alerting to notify the public of any emergency.

3. Is custom integration support available? can support Alert Providers with custom integration tasks when the default interfaces are not sufficiently adequate. Get in touch to discuss options.

4. What does cost for Alert Providers?

It's our commitment to keep the prices of the service as low as reasonably possible. To enact on this commitment, uses a fair pay-per-use price policy. Each connected party is billed corresponding to their own usage of resources.

Pricing info can be found here.
Signup for Alert Providers can be found here.

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